3 Step System To Grow Your App to +1,000,000 Downloads

In today's post, I want to give you the exact roadmap you can use to grow your App to 1,000,000 downloads and beyond.

It's very important to pay close attention to every step of the process as each part plays a very important role in your App's both short-term and long-term success.

What I'll be showing you here is what I've used to 100s of Apps to 6 and 7 figure in downloads and revenue and I'm sure you can achieve the same if you implement every step carefully.

Here are some of the App owners I've worked with who have been able to deploy what I'm about to show you…

Before we start the process I sometimes open my calendar to help a handful of App owners grow their App. I usually do that by doing a free strategy call. If you are interested in working with me directly to 10X your App then you can book a free strategy session here.

IMPORTANT: Read This Entire Guide To Understand How This System Works Properly!

Step 1: Engagement Engines

Before anything else, it's crucial to go over a few important aspects of your App.

To grow your downloads and build the user base you want, you must first have an engaging, useful and targeted App.


Because all the metrics which are used by Google Play and App Store are related to how useful your App is to the end user in one way or another.

The last thing you want is for your App to be qualified as useless by the App store you App is published on!

So to make sure that we generate the maximum results as well as staying ahead of the competition we need to make sure that our users find our App a useful solution to their App.

If your App's not engaging and doesn't provide value to the users then even with +10 million downloads your App would still fail…

But the good news is that increasing engagement of your App is not difficult, in fact, it's one of the most effective things you can do that generates the highest return relative to the efforts which you will put in.

To increase engagement there are 3 things you need to focus on:

Part 1: Define Your PU (Perfect User)

Before doing anything with your App to increase your results, we need to get crystal clear on who do we serve? Who's going to be the perfect users of our App and going to get the most out of it.

It's very important to define a specific group of people that would benefit from your App the most as it makes the entire process of growing your App 100X easier and faster


Simply because if we know who's the perfect user then we know where we can find them and what's important to them!

IMPORTANT: If you mess up this step then you will get 1% of what your App can actually generate. (Downloads, revenue and engagement)

I've worked with so many App owners and I can tell you that 95% of them don't have their perfect user defined properly and that usually is one of the biggest problems why they are not getting any results.

There are many layers when it comes to defining the perfect user and I often go deep with the App owners I work with as it's a crucial step of the entire process.

Part 2: Define Your AV (App Value)

After you have your perfect user defined it's time to design and rethink the value your App brings to your perfect user.

Often times App owners have a very vague idea on what value their App brings to the marketplace which is a dangerous step since the entire App market works based on creating and delivering value.

Most of the times when I work with App owners they have their solution defined at the surface level and this causes all kind of problems when they want to market their App and build an effective App store page.

You see, usually, the solution you bring to the market at the surface level is not what attracts people to your product or service

The best example I can give you is an old saying in the marketing world:

“When you need a drill yo don't really want a drill, you need a hole on the wall…”

Think about that line…

Have you built your App around the surface level product (In the example above the drill) or have you built your App and it's marketing around the real need (the hole in the example above).

What I just explained might seem very simple but I can tell you that after working with 100s of App owners this very concept is responsible for losing +$100,000,000s.

The value which your App creates is equal to the solution it brings to the market

Get this wrong and your App will fail!

If your App doesn't bring a clear and defined value to the marketplace then everything from this point forward is going to be a waste of time and efforts.

If you are not sure what to do then see if you can book a call with me here, I can help you fix it.

Part 3: Design and Deploy Channels

After you have your perfect user and value defined then it's time to talk about engagement channels.

I might be repeating myself but this is also one of the super important parts of the entire growth process.

I usually start this step by asking one simple question from the App owners I work with…

“Why your users should come back and use your App again?”

Which their response often is something that sounds more random and out of their control than something which they have planned.

If you don't have a clear engagement and re-engagement mechanism then you are leaving everything to chance and that's the game we don't want to play!

There are plenty of ways which you can get people back to your App but it all comes down to the value your App creates and the way that matches your user base.

If you want me to help you with this step then you can book a free strategy call here.

Step 2: Monetisation Machine

After you have the previous steps defined and implemented then it's time to move forward and talk about monetisation of your App.

Now you might say I don't care much about money and monetisation of my App and I just want to get more downloads which is fine. But remember that to grow your App big you need more resources.

These resources can include content, time, server cost, etc.

Which means if you don't have the capital then you need to give up equity of your App and get investors which can be very costly in the long run.

So I highly recommend thinking about monetisation to some level that can at least support your own living costs or maybe even support your entire team if monetisation is not your focus.

But if you want to make your App profitable then what I'll be explaining here would be a huge benefit to you.

My goal for every App owners is to reach 7 figures in valuation. That simply means that your App will be valued at +$1,000,000.

Now to get there here's the math:
(there are many ways you can calculate the value of an App but here's how I like to do it)

$1,000,000 / 3 Years = $333,333

So if we generate ~$334,000 In revenue each year then our App will be valued at $1M.


$334,000 / 365 Days = $915 In Revenue Per Day

$915 / 24 Hours = ~ $38 In Revenue Per Hour

So if you can generate $38 per hour with your App, it's safe to say that your App's worth a million dollars. (Of course, every App is different. This is not financial advice, I only want you to have a number you can set as your goal)

Now to get to $38 in revenue per hour you often need to implement multiple monetisation channels which work hand in hand.

Depending on your App, it's user base and how it's structured, I might suggest a different monetisation strategy. That's why the best way for me to help you is to get on a strategy call with me.

Depending on your App there are 3 levels of monetisation which you can use to increase the revenue of your App:

Part 1: In-App Monetisation

This is how 95% of Apps out there are monetised.

Usually, because In-App monetisation channels are easy to implement and they seem native to the App they are being used more often than other methods which I'll be explaining in a second.

Some of the well-known In-App strategies are:

Advertising (Admob, Chartboost, etc.)
In-App Purchase (One Time, Subscription, Consumables)

Although that In-App monetisation is a great way to monetise your App, the revenue potential is not as much as the next two methods I'll be explaining.

If you have In-App monetisation channels implemented and not getting results then you need to fix them ASAP!

I've worked on Apps that generated less than $10 per day using Admob and been able to grow it to +$400 per day in revenue.

Nothing's more costly than a broken monetisation so make sure that you have everything implemented correctly.

Part 2: Mix Monetisation

Mix monetisation is a category of monetisation strategies which have been growing recently and been generating amazing results for all kind of Apps.

Mix monetisation simply refers to those strategies which begin in the user inside the App and end in a different environment like a website or another App.

For example, you can refer a user to an external website to purchase a product or service which you sell. (The user has to complete an action, buying something on a website, for you to generate revenue)

Mix Monetisation Starts With Your App and Ends With an Action Done By The User In a 3RD Party Environment (App or Website)

There are plenty of Mix strategies which you can deploy that often generate a significant amount of revenue.

A good example of a Mixed strategy would be to promote affiliate products and offers inside the content of your App.

Of course, you should only promote things which are related and valuable to the users for this to work but if implemented right this category of strategies can easily 2X your revenue in a very short time.

If you think that Mix strategies are something that can benefit you and your userbase then make sure to check if there are any strategy sessions with me available as I can help you get started with super effective strategies.

Part 3: Off-App Monetisation

Before I explain this step I want to make it clear that this is not for everyone. But if you decide that this is for you then you are setting yourself up for massive and scalable success with your App.

Off-App strategies are a collection of strategies, my clients and I been using to generate large sums of money independently from our Apps.

The way these strategies work is to build secondary access channels to our user base which are independent of our App.

By doing this we achieve many things:

First, we can double our access to the users. Our users only engage with our App a certain amount of time and if we can reach them through other channels then we have practically increased our results.

Second, it builds a more reliable business for us. By doing this you are going to be more secure in case anything happens to your App. (Change of policy, selling your App off, etc.)

I can go deep in Off-App Monetisation strategies as it's a very deep and complex topic which is about of the scope of this post but if you are interested to discuss them further then get in touch with me.

Step 3: User Flood

Now that we have everything set up in a way that maximises our return for every single user which we will be getting, it's time to start driving traffic and downloads to get our 1,000,000 new users!…

Before we move forward, I want to remind you that without implementing the previous steps it's almost impossible to grow your App to 1,000,000 downloads and beyond in a way that's worth the efforts and time which you will be investing in your App.

There are few Apps which grew big when the App market was just getting started but now that the user satisfaction is the focus, the only reliable way to grow your App is to follow every step I've laid out for you here.

The good news is that if you follow what I've explained so far you are going to have an App that's 100X more valuable and most importantly an App that makes a difference in the world and for every user that it serves it creates real satisfaction.

Now that we have the importance of the previous steps out of the way let's talk about traffic and downloads!

To maximise the traffic and the number of downloads of your App there are 3 things which we need to implement

Part 1: Target The Perfect Users

At this stage, our main focus is to define where our perfect user is and how we can attract them and get their attention.

The goal is to identify where out perfect users are hanging out and through which channels we can get them interested in our Apps.

I have developed an exact system to go about finding the perfect users and attracting them which is out of the scope of this post but for now, I want to give you a few ideas which you can implement today.

One common way which users are looking for Apps is through the search functionality of Google Play and App Store.

Showing up for perfect user's searched term is the most effective way to get users constantly

As we know if you show up in the search results for the perfect user then you have a high chance of getting the download.

But the question is that how do we show up in front of the right people in the search?

Well, this is why we focused on the perfect user and the value of your App so we know exactly who to target and where to find them.

Think about your perfect user…

What phrases and keywords will they be using to find your App

Take 10 minutes and go deep…

Think about every scenario which they will be in that motivates them to look for your App.

Write down every phrase and the keyword you can think of.

Make a list and the longer the list the better it is.

This list will become your guide to optimise your App page and attract the perfect users to your App on autopilot.

Missing this step is why 95% of Apps never get any results, they just target everyone and have an ineffective go to market strategy that almost never works!

But now that you've been reading this then hopefully you won't make the same mistake again.

Part 2: +2X The Visitor Conversion

After you have built your traffic generating channels and you have decided how you are going to get to download your App and where you are going to attract them from, it's time to optimise your App page for maximum downloads.

Remember, without an effective App store page you will be losing a lot of money and potential even if you are getting millions of visits a day.

The good news is that optimising your App store page is a very easy job if you know who you are targeting and what their needs are… (Hint to why we did what we did in the first step again)

But if you haven't defined your user, the value your App created and the targeted traffic channels then optimising your App for maximum conversion would be an impossible job.

You can only increase conversion beyond a certain point if your App is the perfect solution to a particular group of people (Your perfect users) otherwise your conversion would be a very difficult number to improve.

There are many (Over 30) strategies which I use when it comes to optimising an App's store page but one that can give you immediate benefits would be the following:

Take the list we produced in the previous step and take a look at the keywords and phrases which you have written down.

Then, have your App store page open and see if it conveys to the potential users the solution which they are looking for based on the search phrases.

It's crucial for the potential user to be convinced in less than 3 seconds that the App is the right solution to their problem/need.

The simply think about how you can update the App icon, title, description and most importantly screenshots to convey the solution to the users immediately.

Every aspect of your App page should be designed to convince the perfect user to download and use your App immediately… 

(I have several strategies and approaches which we can discuss if you decide that you need my help by booking a strategy call here.)

As simple as it sounds optimising your App page can be a very difficult task to accomplish correctly but the good news is that this step due to its nature will have the quickest impact on your results.

In fact, most of the strategies I've developed for this stage can generate immediate and fast results in terms of both downloads and revenue if done right.

Let me give you an example of why this step can have a huge impact on your downloads and revenue quickly.

Let's imagine a simple App that gets 1000 daily store page visits

If the conversion for this App is 4%…

1000 Daily Visits X 4% = 40 Downloads per day

Now if we optimise the store listing toward the perfect user and increase the conversion to 10%. (This might sound a huge jump but most Apps suffer low conversions due to the lack of proper targeting)

1000 Daily Visits X 10% = 100 Downloads per day

Now you can see that we have reached 250% growth in downloads.

The best part is that since the updated to the store listings propagate across the App stores quickly then this increase can be reached in a very short time.

(We are going to assume that the perfect users are among those 1000 visitors but are not convinced that the App is the right solution for them as it's not targeted properly, among the 100s of Apps which I've worked o this is usually the case)

If I have to grow an App quickly this is where I start but again after completing the first step explained above.

Part 3: Off- Store Channel Mechanisms

Up to this point, we have been focused on building store based traffic which is being fed by search engines.

But now let's talk about other mechanisms which we can implement that can create a constant flow of external traffic to our App.

IMPORTANT: This strategy is not going to suit most Apps and I only recommend it to those App owners who have reached most of their organic traffic potential or their App's audience is not actively looking for a solution.

The job of this strategy is to introduce your App to potential perfect users through other mediums which the perfect user might be looking for a solution on.

For example, your perfect user might be looking for a solution to increase their productivity. But instead of doing a search on Google Play or App Store, they are watching and searching for YouTube videos.

This strategy requires more resources and if you think that you App has reached a level which can benefit from such strategy then make sure to get on a call with me as with the right approach you can grow to 1,000,000 and beyond quickly.

But make sure that you have implemented all the previous steps first!

So here's everything we went through in one place so you can see the process:

Here are the steps you need to take to get to +1,000,000 downloads and beyond

Want To Work With Me To 10X Your App?

If you liked this approach and think that you can benefit from my help then I highly recommend booking a strategy call with me. (If they are available at the time of you reading this)

Over the call, we will be going over your App and discuss it's potential to reach $1,000,000 level and beyond.

I'll be giving you some ideas on what you need to do to get there and what's the best path.

I might even offer you to work with me if I see that your App has big potential.

So if you are committed to your App and want big results then let's talk as every call I've had with App owners has lead to amazing results!

Remember you are one update away to get the results you want.