9 Must Read Books For App Owners

Today I want to introduce you to the top 7 books for anyone who’s interested in the world of mobile or web Apps must read! These books will help you build and publish a better App much faster and easier. I’m sure you will get a ton of value from each of these books so make sure that you read them as soon as you can.

By reading the books below you will gain an insight into a new world of highly successful and profitable Apps which can grow on demand. The books I’ve picked here include many aha moments and epiphany moments which are very important to your App’s profitability and growth.

I highly recommend at least reading a few pages of one of these books a day as what you will gain from them will generate you the highest return possible.

You can never know if one paragraph from a book’s going to change how you operate and implement your App and it's featured in a way that’s going to get you 10X or even 100X return or results.

Zero To App

The first one’s my own book Zero To App. If you want to learn the secrets of App publishing then this books is a must read for you! In this book, I break down all the steps you need to take to build and publish a profitable App that can grow to 7 figures and beyond. Also, my goal for this book was to make it possible for everyone to become an App owner. You can get your discounted copy of Zero To App Book here.

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DotCom Secrets Book

This books is not specifically about Apps but gives you a massive insight into the world of online business, sales and creating value. What you learn in this book will serve you a lifetime as it opens your eyes towards a whole new world of opportunities. The book also includes a lot of cool templates, diagrams and scripts to implement offers in your business and Apps. This book is one of the few books which I always keep around my desk to refer to.

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Blue Ocean Strategy

This is one of the must-read books when it comes to App publishing. The book’s not directly about App publishing but what you will learn from it will put you in the top 5% of successful App owners. Pass your App ideas through the principals of this book and you will be amazed how you can make them more powerful and appealing to the end users!

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This is one of the mind-blowing books you can read. The concept behind this book fuels the top tech products of all time and it’s a must-read for anyone interested in the world of Apps. I think every single App owner can benefit from this App as it reveals some of the darkest secrets on why some Apps are so addictive and people can’t quit using them. I personally think that this book has the ability to turn you into a millionaire so put it on your reading list ASAP!


Don’t Just Roll The Dice

As the founders of digital products we often make horrible decisions when it comes to pricing our products or services. This book will show you the best strategies when it comes to pricing your products and services. For our Apps, it’s even more important to price everything correctly as a mistake in pricing can cause us leaving a lot of money on the table and not maximising the ROI which we can generate with our Apps. So make sure to read it as it can stop you from making costly mistakes and at the same time can help you generate more revenue.

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The 10X Rule

As one of the modern business books, the 10X rule will teach you the right way of goal setting. As tech business owners we need to set our goals in a way which can have the highest return on our investment and this book’s going to give you the best strategy to do so. This book alone is responsible for a massive growth in my own results and I’m sure if you apply and implement it can do the same for you if not more!


Expert Secrets

Despite its name, expert secrets book is all about creating a movement for your product or service and positioning it in a way that attracts the perfect customers. This book’s a must-read for anyone who wants to start a business that can grow fast with minimum investment. I personally have read this book over 8 times and have referred to it 100s of times, so make sure to grab your copy and start reading it ASAP and the insights you will be getting from it will worth millions of dollars if not more. You can actually grab a free copy of the book here.


Ogilvy On Advertising

Usually, advertising and sales don’t come naturally to us, tech business owners. this book is essential to read as it opens your eyes to how the world of advertising works. As App owners, we must advertise our Apps in one form or another. (Both organic and paid visits are considered advertising for your App) At the end of the day people who visit your App listing should be convinced that your App’s what they want and this book’s going to help you with that.

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The Automatic Customer

One of the powers we have at our disposal as an App owner is the ability to get people to pay us money on a monthly or recurring basis. This allows you to build a solid income stream that’s reliable and consistent. Knowing how to offer and package your App in a way that can be turned into a subscription-based product is vital to your long-term success and profitability. This book is the best guide you can find on how you can achieve a proven subscription model for your App and it’s a must if you like to make money on autopilot with your App. 🙂

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The books above will give you a solid foundation when it comes to building and publishing highly profitable and successful mobile Apps. It’s important to read each of the books to build an App that can be a success you need to have a plan and these books will guide you in the right direction to get there.

Each book mentioned above has played a major part in my success with mobile and web Applications and I can trace back each milestone to what I’ve learned from these books.