How to Make an App (7 Easy Steps)


The Only Guide You Need To Create Your App Successfully

So you want to learn how to build an App for Android, iOS (iPhone and iPad) or maybe even web. That’s a fantastic decision!

You only need to read what’s on this page to learn how an App is created, published, and is grown to 100,000 users. I’ll also give you my blueprint to generate at least $100,000 per year with your App at the end of this guide as well.

To make it in the App market you need the right system and approach, and my goal for this guide is to give you all that and much more.

There are seven steps you need to complete to build your App from scratch and make it successful.

Here are those 7 steps:

  1. Formulate Your App Idea
  2. Design Hack Your App to Win Big
  3. Build your App Fast (Without Coding)
  4. Publish With Magnetic Design
  5. Get Your First 1,000 Users Automatically
  6. Turn Users Into Dollars
  7. Make +$100,000 Per Year (Blueprint)

Before we get started, I want you to know that creating and publishing a successful mobile application is much easier than what you might be thinking right now. 

After being involved in 100s of Apps, I’ve seen people from all kind of backgrounds succeed in the market just by following what has proven to work over and over again.

But finding what is proven to work often is not an easy thing to do…

There are a tiny number of people who know precisely how the App market works and are willing to share what has made them successful. 

With this guide, I want to share some of those secrets and encourage you to invest in your App idea. Based on my personal experience nothing comes close to the kind of returns you can get with an App.

So remember, like any other thing in life, you need to have the right recipe for the results you want, and how Apps are created is not an exception to that rule.

What you will find below is a proven and successful method of building and publishing Apps that has worked that you can model and follow.

No matter if you are a beginner with zero tech skills or an App owner with an existing App, you can use this guide to create and grow your iOS or Android App fast and with minimum resources invested.

So let’s get started as we have a lot of exciting things to cover.

1. Formulate Your App Idea

This part is where most people go wrong…

Not fully implementing this step is going to be the biggest mistake that will cost you a lot of money. On the other hand, if you take the time (a few hours at most) to complete this step fully, then your success rate will increase by at least 10X!

Yep, I’m serious…

This is where you can ensure the success of your App before even building it!

Before taking any action towards building your App, you must define your App idea, so you know what you are making and who you’re serving.

Yeah. I think I just had an App idea

You are in luck because I’m going to show you a very cool and easy secret to define your idea for maximum success.

Using this simple method, you can make sure that your App is set up to make at least $100,000 per year in revenue too! 

Sounds good?

Well, let me show you how it’s done…

Every App idea has 3 main parts:

  • Group 
  • Problem 
  • Solution 

Let’s go through each part in a bit more details.

The Group: this is the group of people who you want to help with your App. You can create a group in any way you want.

Here are some examples to help you:

  • Teachers 
  • Students 
  • Carpenters 
  • People who need transportation 
  • People at an airport 
  • etc.

There are unlimited ways which you can put people in groups which gives us unlimited possibilities.

It’s vital to know the group which you want to help as your success depends on how well you define your group.

If your group is “Everyone,” then think again. You need to be as specific as you can. If you fail at this step, then your App will fail.

The Problem: this is the problem which your App is going to solve for the targeted group we just talked about.

The key is that the more painful the problem you solve, the easier you can get users and grow your App.

$1,000,000 Tip: People are motivated by pain more than they are motivated by pleasure. (by 2X actually)

You need to know what the problem is precisely and why it exists. What kind of pain it creates for the user and what’s the value of the pain being removed from the user’s life.

Think about Airbnb, Uber, and Whatsapp… What problems do they solve? It all makes sense now, right? 🙂

The Solution: well, this is the solution your App brings to the marketplace. This is where your App creates value for the user and secures a spot on the user’s device. Most App owners (95%+) ignore this!

The key is the better you solve the problem for the user, the more revenue you will generate, and the faster your App will grow. (More favorable reviews, more downloads, more happy users)

Important Tip: your solution needs to be simple but effective. Complicated solutions lose big time.

Now that you have your 3 components of a winner idea, then it’s time to define our App idea.

I use a simple formula that’s going to help you a lot.

Here it is:


That’s it! 

Here you have your $1M App idea!

Here’s an example:

My App Helps Parents To Stop Their Baby From Crying By Playing White Noise for The Baby

This simple idea has generated millions of downloads on Google Play and App Store

From now on, you can explain your App idea to anyone in seconds!

Also, you know who you’re building your App for, what problem you are solving and how you are solving it.

Just knowing these 3 things puts you ahead of 90% of the competition.

Bonus Tip:  Come up with your survival number. Your survival number is the amount of money you need each month to cover all your expenses. Just sit down, write down all your costs, sum them all up, and know exactly how much you need to survive. This number is going to be your first milestone and goal for your App. 

My goal for every single client is to help them achieve their survival number with their App so they can quit everything else they are doing and focus on their App.

At this point, you should be able to guess how big your App can get. Of course, there are many ways to estimate the revenue potential of your App, but for now, we don’t want to make things more complicated.

I use some proven App market research techniques to make sure that my idea has potential, and it can deliver the highest return on investment possible. 

These market research techniques are out of the scope of this guide, but if you’re interested in learning them, then you can check out this training here.

I only move forward on ideas which I can make at least $100,000 per year with (Most ideas can make that much if you have a clear idea using the formula we went over above).

At the end of this guide, I’m going to give you my $100K a year blueprint too. (Hint: you only need 800 users to get there)

$1,000,000 Tip: Try to come up with at least 10 to 20 App ideas before committing to one idea. It’s insane how fast you can come up with App ideas using the formula above. Most of the times, you can find way more profitable ideas all around you and you need to pay a bit extra attention to see them.

Notice that I haven’t talked about picking the platform which you want to build your App for (Android, iOS, or maybe even web). 

Android or iOS?

It’s because, whatever platform you choose, the approach I’m going to give you here is going to work. 

The process of picking which platform to publish your App on used to be a considerable part of your App strategy up to a few years ago, but as all the available platforms have matured, no matter which platform you pick, you are going to see success regardless.

My approach here is going to work for all major platforms including Android and iOS/iPhone so pick whatever fits you the best.

You can also build your App for all those platforms at once. (More on this later)

$1,000,000 Tip: If you’re looking for App ideas and wondering what markets can generate the most results, then I recommend to build an App for one of these 3 markets:

  • Health 
  • Wealth
  • Relationship

These markets are proven to be highly profitable, and people are willing and likely to invest in the right solutions to solve their problems. 

You probably have a few Apps already installed on your phone that directly or indirectly relate to one of these 3 primary markets.

Also, each one of these can be broken down to 1000s of sub-markets which you can explore for your $1,000,000+ App idea. 

For example, in the health market alone you have:

  • Exercise
  • Health tracking 
  • Diet
  • Hair and Skin
  • etc. 

There are unlimited areas in each category, so if you are looking for App ideas, then you know where to look.

Pick a sub-market, find a problem people face regularly and think of a solution that can be delivered with an App.

Then define your idea using the formula we just talked about, and you have your winner App idea.

Bonus Tip: You can also look for problems people face in groups which you belong to. (Your job, age group, gender, etc.) The sky's the limit when it comes to finding and discovering App ideas.

If you are excited then continue reading this guide as we are just getting started.

2. Design Hack Your App To Win Big

You can search and find 1000s of courses and programs on how to design an App. You can waste years trying to become a designer with the amount of content you can find online.

Well, I have a good news for you…

You need to know a few simple rules which you can learn in a few hours to become a master App designer!

I call that Design Hacking Your App.

What are those rules?

Well, let’s go through them one by one.

Rule #1 – Know The Elements: Know the elements used in an App. There are around 20 to 30 main elements used in most Apps which you can use in your own App too. 

You need to take some time and learn each element's functionality and name. You Can Take a Look At This List Here to Learn Them.

Doing this will help you to communicate with others more effectively. Also knowing what elements are available allows you to design a more efficient App for the users.

Rule #2 – Help The User Go From Problem State To Desired State: People will be using your App to go from the problem state (the state they are in right now) and get to the desired state (where they want to be). 

The whole goal of your App design is to create a simple and easy path for the user to achieve their goal.

Here’s Where You Can Learn More About This Approach

The only goal of your App
We help users to move from problem state towards desired state through effective design

Rule #3 – Keep It Super Simple: This might sound basic, but it took me years to fully get it. Most people want to make things complicated as if complicated things have more value… 

The truth is that the faster and easier we can give the user what he or she wants, the bigger we win!

Don’t include things that are not helpful to at least 60% of the users

The last thing you want is to annoy 90% of the users because 10% of your users wanted something different!

The only tools I use to design an App are a pencil and paper.

If you’re interested in learning more about how I design an App, then you are going to love this training here.

This step shouldn’t take you over an hour to complete, so don’t obsess too much over it.

The goal here is to create a design that gets the users from the problem state to the desired state with as little friction as possible

As long as you can satisfy that goal, your design’s going to work.

Also, remember that you always can improve your design by looking at the real data collected from your users. 

Case Study: One of my clients was able to 4X the revenue of their App in a few days by simply changing the design based on the data he had on the user’s movement inside the App. 

You can collect data using different analytics services available for free such as Firebase and Mixpanel.

To help you design your App, you can download a copy of my layout template here

Print out a few copies (around 10) and draw your App screens on the template with a pencil. (You want to be able to erase things if you make a mistake which you’d be making a lot)

Think about how your perfect user would use the App, how the user moves between different screens and interacts with the elements on each page. 

The more you can understand your perfect user, the better and more effective your design is going to be.

Using the template alone would make your App more tangible, and you would be able to visualize the final product ready to be used by your future users.

Also, designs created with the template can be turned into a working prototype in an hour.

To learn more about the process, make sure to Join This Training Here.

Here’s an example to show you how you can use the template:

App design template in use
With App Design Sheets You Can Design Your App Quickly (get the workbook here)

There are some awesome tricks I use in my designs that are going to improve user engagement and revenue. But those are out of the scope of this guide. (We will be here for a long time if I get started on those…)

Now that you know how your App’s going to look like then we can move to the next step and start building an App that people all around the world can use and enjoy!

3. Build your App Fast (Without Coding)

After you have your design, then it’s time to develop your App.

This is where most people are stuck…

People start to learn complicated programming and App development courses, waste days, weeks and months, get nowhere, and eventually quit.

Learning programming is a very costly process

Here’s why:

Learning programming to a point which you can build your idea exactly the way you want is going to require 10,000 hours of learning and practice.

If your time’s worth $10 per hour:
(Your time’s worth more than that even if you are not getting paid that much now – mindset matters)

10,000 Hours X $10 per Hour = $100,000 of your time invested

If you practice 8 hours a day (impossible for most people) then…

10,000 hours  / 8 hours per day = 1,250 days = 3.4 YEARS!

So many people promote programming courses, and so many people buy them in the hope of building their App in weeks!

You see the problem, right?

Learning programming is not going to help you build your App

Learning how to code is a very expensive and costly way to get your App out on the market. 

Not to mention that it takes a very long time and at the end, you can’t build Apps for all platforms out there. At best you have mastered only one!

Also, the chances are that by the time you can build your App, someone else has already published the App you want to make and has dominated the market.

If you love programming, then, by all means, go for it and master it but do it for the right reasons. Don’t waste your time on things that are not going to get you where you want to be! 

Don’t be careless with your resources. (Time, energy and money

Important Tip: Success is achieved by doing the right things and invest your resources wisely. Failure is guaranteed if you waste away your resources without a reliable and proven plan!

So now you might be asking…

“How to create an App without coding?”

Well, something people do when it comes to building an App is they try to partner with a developer and then they fail because of many issues partnerships have that we all know about. (Handling a partnership is 1000X harder and more costly than how I build an App)

Some people even go down the road of getting funding and finding investors. 

They give up large amounts of equity (if they get lucky and find an investor who’s willing to invest in them) and end up making a lot of money for a long time for someone who bought a large portion of their company at the lowest price.

Another costly approach is to hire an App development agency to build your App, which is a significant mistake in 99% of cases.


Because of these 3 reasons:

  • They are not invested in your App’s success 
  • If they knew how to make an App work, they would be building Apps for themselves instead of building Apps for you
  • They charge you 100+ times more than what you need to invest in developing your App ($50,000+ for the crappy version of your App plus never-ending up-sells)

Case study: I had someone calling me a while go who had spent $58,000 on an App that I could get done for $200! The worst part was that she only had made $400 in revenue (total), and the agency was asking for even more money to “fix” the App. It was a sad story, but a real one. So be aware of the approach you pick to build your App.

The good news is that how you develop an App is way easier than what you might think!

I’ve been creating and publishing Apps since 2014 from scratch, in days and without doing anything technical.

The best part is that the results have been insanely amazing.

I’ve been able to travel the world, spend my time the way I want and at the same time build Apps for Android, iOS, and even web quickly and without doing anything technical.

The map shows the places I've been to after I learned how to make an App
The map on the left shows just a few of the many places I've been to recently. On the right is a recent photo of me when I was in Monaco.

How did I do all this?

Well, it’s not complicated…

You can do exactly what I’ve been doing for the past 5 Years and get your App out on the market quickly and easily.

The way I’ve been building Apps is not free, but it is way cheaper than any other method available to you right now.

It’s 100X cheaper, faster, and more accessible than anything else I’ve tried.

And the best part is that you will keep 100% ownership of your App and can get started today! There’s nothing out of your control that can hold you back from building your App this point forward.

I’ve tried every strategy under the sun, and I keep coming back to the approach which has worked for me over and over.

$1,000,000 Tip: Always invest your resources (time, energy, and money) in strategies that are going to last for a long time. 

Short term tricks and approaches are going to burn your resources and leave you with nothing.

I can spend months talking about pros and cons of different App development approaches, but it would be a waste of time as you can just start doing what has proven to work over and over again. 

Not just for me but also for 1,000s of individuals I’ve coached all around the world.

To learn the exact steps, join this limited-time training here.

After you join the training, I’m also going to send you an incredible free workbook that’s going to include some of my most guarded strategies and secrets as well as my $1,000,000 script. (You will learn how to use it during the training)

Zero to App Webinar Workbook
Make sure to get your copy of Zero to App workbook after you join the training.

It’s straightforward to build an App like Tinder, Whatsapp, Instagram, and anything you can think of using what you learn inside the training. 

You can start building your App at home and without any fancy office, hired staff, or overhead…

That's the power of doing things the right way!

Just use your laptop (Mac or PC), and you are on your way to getting your first App out on App Store or Google Play.

4. Publish Your App With Magnetic Design

Now, it’s time for the step missed up by all those who get nothing out of the App market…

I’ve always said that building a successful App is easy if you do things the right way, but if you miss one step, then it’s your fault if your App won't generate the results you want, not the market’s fault. 

It’s like using cement instead of flour in a cake recipe… can you guess what’s going to happen to your cake?

Same here with Apps.

Luckily, you are here and can get the right advice that works in the real marketplace.

So let me tell you what everyone’s doing that’s wrong and how you can actually dominate the market, get users automatically and win big.

The idea is straightforward…

In fact, I’ve given you the key right at the start of this guide.

Remember I told you that solving a problem for a specific group of people is such an important thing to get right?

Solve one problem and your App will win big

That’s the key!

let me explain how and why.

People only take action on things that’s highly related to them and their current situation (problem state).

We shortcut our path to success by positioning our App as the best solution that the users can find to get rid of their problems fast.

Now we don’t do that by saying a lot of good things about our App. (This is what all the losers do!)

We win and dominate the market by simply explaining the user’s pain and need better than everyone else!

$1,000,000 App Tip: When you explain people’s problems better than they can, they automatically think you have the perfect solution. (Ex: think about the last time you visited your doctor)

So instead of filling up our App page with complete nonsense and jargon (what everyone’s doing), we use every single opportunity we have to convince the user that we have the exact solution they are looking for.

Every single element on your App page is going to help convincing your potential user that your App is the perfect solution for them.

In fact, we want them to decide in less than 7 seconds, which is the average attention span of a human.

What you write as your App description, what icon you pick, what screenshots you use to show your App and what title you choose all play a massive role in getting users for your App on autopilot day and night.

The components of your App page are going to help you get users fast
Every element on your App page should be aimed to match your perfect users

Sadly (or happily – more results for us) most App owners have no idea on how to create an App page that’s going to win in the real market. 

That’s why they lose. The worst part is that they think they lost because there was too much competition or because of some crazy excuse they come up with after giving up on their App.

The fact is they messed-up because they simply didn’t know how the market works.

Case Study: Here you can see how powerful magnetic design is. One of my clients applied it to one of his Apps that wasn’t doing well, and this is what happened:

Growing the user base after applying the magnetic design
This App went from 10 downloads per day to 500 downloads per day!

You can see that the number of downloads/new users has increased by over 50X after implementing magnetic design.

Bonus Tip: In its core, magnetic design is understanding the user as good as we can and implementing that understanding everywhere. 

The better you understand your potential user, the better you can build your App page to attract and convince them that your App is the right choice for them.

By understanding the group of people which we want to help (defined in step 1), we can easily pick an icon that gets them excited, write an App description that’s going to include the exact things they are looking for and have screenshots that show-off the top and most important features to those users.

As you can see, the process is intuitive and straightforward, yet many people don’t get it because they think these rules don’t apply to tech products… 

Let’s not forget that every product in human history has been a tech product at some point. But, the human element has stayed the same forever and hasn’t changed a bit the entire time, only the products have. 

We are still building Apps for real humans to solve their problems and help them experience a better life.

I’ve worked on hundreds of Apps over the past 5 years, and what I just explained here wins every single time!

Lot of App owners and start-ups distract themselves by chasing the next hot marketing technique that’s going to save their horribly done App instead of focusing on the user and building an App that’s going to deliver real value.

Here’s an excellent video from Jeff Bezos (Founder of Amazon) in 1999 explaining the secret that made Amazon so successful in the marketplace.

I watch this video once every month to keep myself focused on the right things.

You can apply the same secret to your App, and you will win very big.

We build Apps for real humans and ignoring what motivates our perfect users to take action is the most costly mistake one can make!

Of course, there’s more to the process than what I just explained here. If you are keen and eager how I win big with the magnetic design, then join this secret training.

5. Get Your First 1,000 Users

When you get to this step, then things become very exciting. 

Most of the process is complete, and you’re getting closer and closer to the results you want.

The goal is to get at least 1,000 downloads for your App before doing anything else. (We don’t want to add features, change things and make decisions based on no data)

We need to be patient until our App becomes available globally and starts to get some exposure. 

At this point, if you’ve done things the way I explained above, then you should hit 1,000 users in a short couple of weeks on average. For some Apps, it takes less, and for some Apps, it takes more time.

The best thing about reaching 1,000 users is that you start to see real market feedback and data which you can use to improve your App and get it ready to scale big and generate big revenue numbers.

The best step you can take to grow your App and take it to the next level is using real market feedback and data to optimise your App. Doing this is going to help you maximize your results by many folds.

The majority of App owners also ignore this step. 

The market feedback is going to give you an edge over all the Apps that might want to compete with you.

Getting your first 1,000 users and studying those users is a weapon you can use to dominate your market and build an App that’s going to last for many years to come.

App Tip: Rookie App owners guess what the market wants, successful App owners listen to the market and its needs. Don’t be a rookie; do things the right way to make it big!

Looking at your user base, you can learn what countries your is most popular in, what age your users are, what devices they use and ton of other valuable info. 

App analytics gives us the best data to grow our Apps
Looking at your App analytics you can find a ton of super helpful info about your users

You get a ton of super valuable info that can help you optimize your App in a way that’s going to be magnetic to your users.

This means more downloads, more happy users, tons of positive reviews, and a quick boost in your App’s growth!

After you have your 1,000 users, then you will get some feedback and can look at your App’s data and see if your App has been useful in solving the user’s problem. 

Based on experience, you should get the majority of users enjoying the App (Anything above 50% mark).

At this point, you have achieved something huge!

can you guess what that thing is?

You just created a solution, made it available to the market, and it performed well in the marketplace!

Your App is a winner that has the potential to grow to +$1,000,000 and beyond.

Also you can approach any investor with your real App that has generated real results and ask for way higher amounts of investment/money for way less equity. (I don’t recommend this but you can do it if you want to, you have a winner so make the most of it as you please)

As you can see the process in comparison to anything else you can invest in is simple and easy.

Not to mention that the kind of return you can get is insane with an App. (Investing in an App is better than investing in real-estate, e-commerce, local business, etc.)

There aren’t many opportunities out there that can turn into a multi-million dollar asset after a few weeks.

That’s the magic of the App market!

Software has been one of the most powerful assets to own due to its scalability and ease of distribution.

It’s time to take advantage of what software can do for you. 

Now the next step is to generate revenue and build a fantastic lifestyle!

6. Turn Users Into Dollars

I often get asked, “Hooman, how to make an App that makes money?”

And my answer is straightforward:

“Solve a problem with an App that people face regularly…”

But here in this guide we have already covered that, so we need to get more technical and talk details.

After all, this is a guide about how to make an App for Android and iOS without doing anything technical and make money…

So it’s time to have fun and make real money with your App.

What I love about the App market is the ability to generate revenue and monetize your App in many different ways all at the same time.

The chart of my results
This chart shows the revenue of my first App. Book a seat here if you want to learn more.

There aren’t many businesses that allow you to have multiple revenue streams all working for you at the same time.

This is another compelling aspect of Apps which you can take advantage of at large.

Every single user you get for your App is going to increase your both revenue and your App's value at the same time. 

Revenue is generated because you can monetize the user in many different ways; your App's value increases because you can reach that user over and over through your App. 

This is why Apps are fantastic; you win at multiple fronts all at once. 

Let’s go through some of the ways which you can generate revenue with your App:

Show Advertising: in just 15 minutes you can have big companies show advertising in your App and pay you for it. 


It’s effortless and easy to do. There are many mediator companies out there, which you can use that will connect your App to big companies automatically. (Google Admob is one)

Setting this up in your App will take an hour at most. This is one of the easiest ways to start monetizing your users in a very subtle and cool way. 

The Ads which your users will be seeing are going to be highly related to what they are interested in so the user experience of your App won’t be impacted.

Offer In-app Purchase Packages: This is one of the most profitable channels you can implement in your App. (My favourite)

In-App purchase packages can be sold to users inside your App in the form of one-time purchase or subscriptions or both. (True goldmine). 

Using IAP users can pay a small monthly fee to access premium features in your App.

You can implement this strategy in a few days, and the return you will be getting from it is going to beat most strategies. 

In-App Purchase subscription is one of the best strategies
This App's offering an appealing an in-app purchase package for $8.49 per month

I highly recommend this channel, and you can learn more about it in this training here.

Sell Products: you can sell related physical or digital products to your user base in your App or via other implemented channels. (Email, etc)

This way, you can not only use your App to generate an income but also you can boost the sales of your current product or service too. 

Many businesses have been able to launch new products or increase sales of their existing products using a simple App.

Case Study: one of my clients offers a $1,997 coaching package inside her App, and she’s been able to get +100 clients with just a few thousand users. 

That’s +$200,000 in revenue with an App that took her a few weeks to create and publish!

There are many more ways for you to monetize your user base and generate revenue with your App, but for now, the 3 strategies we discussed here are more than enough for you to get started and hit at least $100,000 per year with your App. 

Always plan to get results with as few steps as possible.

I’ve left $1,000,000s on the table just because I tried to make things more complicated than necessary. Keep things simple, get results, and grow big.

You can get insanely significant results with the simplest Apps and approaches you can think of. It’s just a matter of doing things the right way. 

In fact, I’ve seen Apps fail or get minimum results just because they wanted to do so many things all at once, and I have witnessed Apps grow big, doing only 1 thing.

Remember that making money with your App is an essential part of growing your App and making it better for the users. 

Without a constant flow of financial resources, you won’t be able to focus on your App and make it better for your users, nor you’d be able to take your App to the next level of growth.

To grow your App bigger, you need to invest in it, and it’s challenging to keep invest in an asset that’s not self-sustaining. 

So act smart and build the revenue channels that are going to both set you free and boost your App’s growth in no-time.

You want to win big and dominate the market, so start collecting the resources you need to do so.

This is a fun and exciting journey when you start to understand what winning feels like in this amazing industry.

Always remember that complexity is the enemy of success and progress!

7. Make +$100,000 Per Year (Blueprint)

Now that you know the process, I want to give you my blueprint to generate +$100,000 per year in revenue with just 800 users automatically. 

This is done by only using one monetization channel, you can of course imagine how bigger you can grow if you implement 2 or 3 different channels to maximize your revenue.

The math is very basic when it comes to App revenue.

Here I’m going to break it down for you so you can get the full picture and see how your simple App can turn into a 6 or 7 figure revenue-generating machine that runs 24/7/365 without any extra cost or maintenance.

Let’s get started:

To generate $100,000 per year with your App, you need to make ~$8,000 per month.

Now if you offer an In-App purchase subscription upgrade at $9.97 per month, then you only need 800 active subscribers to reach your goal.

The math to $100K per year with a simple App

You might think that 800 paid subscribers might take some time to get, so let’s take a look at the realistic time you need to get there.

If you do things the right way, then it’s more than possible to get 10 new paid subscribers per day. You can get there when your App generates only 100 downloads a day. (100 downloads per day is a very small number in the App world)

At 10 new subscribers per day, you can hit your goal in 80 days.

That’s only 2 months and 20 days!

Of course, this is an example, and there are many factors involved, but even if you mess up the process and get there 3 times longer, the return on your investment is still going to be insane!

In less than 6 months, you can build an asset that can be valued at over $500,000

That’s half a million dollars!

Not to mention that this asset is generating $8,000 per month in revenue…

In addition, based on my personal experience, you can live a fantastic lifestyle with that kind of income no matter where you live in the world. 

The best part is that the revenue you will be generating is coming in every single day without you doing anything extra…

That’s the power of automation and the App market combined.

Nothing can match it!

Start Creating Your App Today

At this point, you have two options:

Option 1: Do nothing, forget about your App and move to the next shiny object…


Option 2: Learn the process in details, make your App, publish it, get users, and become a successful App owner!

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Don't let that fear stop you, you are on your way to big results.

Let’s build a legacy.

Hooman Mardox
Founder of Zero To App

What's The

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