What Members Have To Say...
Disclaimer: Due to the nature of Google Play and App Store, it’s possible to see all the Apps that belong to a developer. This has caused App ideas and market approaches being copied without permission. Thus, based on the clients' requests and personal past experiences, the exact name of the Apps discussed on this page is not disclosed. 
Victor Leos
Victor's been a very active member of the academy and been able to go through the states of App publishing quickly.
Josiah Bennett
Josiah's been able to make great progress in 4 weeks after joining the academy and is one of our active members.
Fran Piggot
Fran is one of our valued Academy members and been able to achieve amazing results in a very short time using the Zero To App system. 
Ahmed El-Sharkwy
Ahmed is one of our amazing members. He's been able to make great progress after joining the academy and get great results because of it.
William Sidebottom
William has been one of our App Mastery 2.0 clients and graduated to Zero To App Academy after achieving success with his first App in only 5 weeks.
Alex was struggling to grow his App no matter what he tried. But as the chart shows he became a success in the finance App category using both Zero To App and 10X App Blueprint programs. 
Hooman (Founder)
Although that we don't usually share the exact revenue details, here's one of Hooman's (Founder of Zero To App) Apps that was build exactly on what you will find in Zero To App Academy.
Step is one of our most successful clients. He was able to build and grow an amazing App for the education market by being a member of Zero To App academy.
Victoria is one of our incredible success stories! She was able to go from only making $2 per day with her App to over $300 per day in a very short time by being a part of the 10X App Blueprint.
Pardeep was able to increase his real-estate App's downloads by 2.6X using the strategies provided in the 10X App Blueprint. The increase in downloads also resulted in a revenue boost.
Kevin started his journey in the world of App through the Zero To App academy. After building a few successful Apps he joined us as an App success consultant to help our clients with building Apps.
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