Ultimate Guide To Build an App Without Programming (2019) – Part 1

In this guide, you are going to learn the A to Z of building a profitable Android, iOS or PWA Applications without any programming skills. This goal of this guide is to give you a complete framework to build and publish your own successful App. Also to make things easier to understand, there are plenty of examples which you can go through to make sure that the entire process is clear.

Important Notes: To build and publish your own successful mobile Application you don’t need to know how to programme Apps. In this guide, I’m going to reveal the best and most effective strategies you can implement to develop your App.

This post is the part one of my 3 part guide on building Apps without programming. To access the next parts you can use the following links:

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Although after reading this guide the process of building an App would be something which you would know entirely, it’s important to see the bigger picture.

Unlike what most people think, it’s not the development of your App idea that makes it a success, but it’s the hidden components that none sees that play a much bigger role in a successful App.

I’m going to show you everything in this guide so make sure you read it entirely as if you miss a step then you are likely to fail!

If you follow this guide, I promise you that you would be able to build and publish your App 100X faster and cheaper!

But only if you follow every step and act on them as explained in this guide!

What Can You Expect From Building And Publishing an App?

Before we get into the process of building your App, let’s set some expectations so you know what results are possible when it comes to building mobile Apps…

Of course, we all have heard about billion dollar App companies which started from zero and we have heard about people making millions with mobile Apps.

But here I want you to see a realistic image on what can you achieve if you set out to build your App the way I’ll bestowing you here.

I’ve worked with 100s of individuals, start-ups and established companies and one thing I can tell you is that no matter what your resources are (Have money or have no money, have tech skills or start with no tech skills, one person operation or 100 people company) you can get results from Apps…

You can build a +$100,000 per year income source that runs on autopilot

You can get 1,000,000s of users across the globe

You can grow big and start a company with the profits of your App

You can pretty much achieve what you have in mind!


There are also plenty of people who ahem invested in Apps and lost money, time and resources because they did everything wrong!

I’ve seen people losing $100,000s on App I could make with $200! (Yeah, you read it right, keep reading to learn how…)

The app market is very profitable and can generate insane results but to achieve your goal you also need to take the right approach!

I’ve worked with individuals starting from $100 and growing their Apps to +$30,000 per month in automatic revenue…

And I’ve worked with teenagers making +$9,000 per month with a simple App anyone can make in 2 days!

But the common theme is that you need to take the right steps in the right direction!

The good news is that I wrote this post to give you the right instructions that’s worked for so many App owners over and over and I’m sure if you follow what you learn here you can also get great results.

Important Disclaimer: Each individual’s result is different and it depends on many factors including your App idea, where you live, the decisions you make and how the market responds to your action and App.

But if you take the steps I’ll be showing you below, you can make sure that you will have a much higher chance that all the other App owners out there that are acting blindly.

The Secret Formula

The A to Z of building an App that can grow big in a short time:

– Step 1: Define Your App Idea

– Step 2: Market Research 

– Step 3: App Design Formula

– Step 4: From Design To Real App

– Step 5: World Launch

– Step 6: Feedback Loop 

If you miss any of these steps then you are going to fail…

I’m serious!

All of these 6 steps are vital to your App’s success, if any of these is not implemented correctly then you will not get the results you want.

The good news is that implementing these steps is not difficult, it was difficult for me because I had to figure everything out on my own. But now I’m going to lay it all out for you here so you can shortcut your way to success.

If you have an App idea or if you simply want to build an App to make money then the steps are the same. No matter what you want to achieve with your App you need to have all of these steps implemented.

To make the process easy to consume I’ve broken down the 6 steps into 3 posts. In today’s post, we are going to go over defining your App idea and doing the market research for it. In the next posts, we will be covering the rest of the steps.

Let’s start with the first step…

Step 1: Define Your App Idea

Before we start going through this section I want to simply mention that if you don’t have an App idea yet then you can read my guide on how to come up with profitable App ideas fast here. If you do have an App idea the simply keep reading.

This step is the #1 cause of failure in the world of Apps.

Most App owners ignore this step entirely and sendup with a massive failure because of!

I can’t stress enough how important this step really is and how it can define your App’s success.

If you have an App idea the chances are that you haven’t really been thinking about its components. What components?

There are 3 components to an App idea…

These components are as follows:

– Solution/Value

– Perfect User (Special Group)

– Mechanism 

Before we explain each component, let me explain how we define an App idea:

In my App Zero To App, I define an App idea as…

“A specific solution to a problem that a specific group of people, delivered through the medium of mobile Apps”.

Reading this definition, can you see the 3 components I mentioned above?

I’m sure you do!

– Specific Solution to a problem = Solution/Value

– Specific Group of People = Perfect User

– The medium of Mobile Apps = Mechanism

As you can see to define your App idea we need to have a clear vision on what each of these components is. If we miss one step, then the idea is not going to succeed as an App.

Let’s go through each of these components in details:

Specific Solution To a Problem (Value)

This is where most App owners, start-ups and companies go wrong as they just don’t a specific solution to a specific problem that the users have. Often time when we have a problem which we want to solve, we isolate the problem in a way which we can communicate it to others.

Finding that exact isolated problem and crafting a solution that can be appealing to the people is the most challenging, fun and rewarding part of building any product. (Including Apps)

Defining the solution you bring to the marketplace in a way that creates a transformation in the users’ life is vital to your success.

In my book Zero To App, I define the solution your App brings to the users as the transformation it creates in their moods and emotion. If your solution is good enough to create a transformation then your App’s very likely to hit +$1,000,000 in value!

App Value Transformation Zero To App Book

This diagram shows the transformation your App has to create to be perceived as valuable by the users. The bigger the transformation you can cause, the more valuable your App is going to be and more successful it’s going to become in a very short time.

Perfect User

Knowing exactly who you are trying to help with your App is crucial. The best way I can demonstrate this is through an example.

Imagine that you want to sell a jacket. Can you just go out and sell a jacket?

Or do you need to first know if it’s for men or women?

What age group does it attract the most?

What are the uses for the jacket?

How much of easier job that is to know who the jacket is for and then go to the place where those people gather and sell it there?

Not knowing who your perfect user is and not isolating it to a specific group is the most expensive and resource wasting mistake you can make!

I’ve seen individuals, startups and established companies burning their resources simply because their App’s positioning is not appealing to anyone.

I know App owners with amazing Apps fail simply because their perfect users never relate to their Apps and didn’t think of the App as a good fit just because the App was targeting everyone so it ended up appealing to no-one.

We all want custom solutions that are a perfect fit for our problems. When we want to solve a problem, we are looking for the solution that is built for us and the only way that we can feel the product is a good solution is if the product owners designed it based on who we are!


We want to build Apps and the value which we are creating for our users also known as our solution will be delivered through the medium of mobile Apps.

So no matter what value we create, we need to be able to deliver it using the platform of mobile Applications.

Mobile App platforms (Android, iOS, PWA, etc.) have certain limitations and capabilities which we must consider when building our solution. All of our efforts will lead to a return if we can design a solution that will make sense in the framework of mobile Apps.

The good news is that if you’ve ever used an App then the chances are you are pretty familiar with what’s possible when it comes to mobile Apps.

If what you want to achieve is already been done in one form or another in an App which you’ve used before then this step should be very simple for you.

But if you want to build something and you can’t find an App that does a similar thing then you might need an expert’s advice. My recommendation to you is to see if you can simplify your idea in a way that can target the same user base while it’s easier to build.

I go deep into this strategy in my book Zero To App. In fact, this is the strategy which I recommend to anyone who’s starting out in the world of Apps.

Instead of going after a complicated and costly idea, simplify and start smaller and then grow as you acquire more users. Again to learn this super effective strategy pick up your copy of my book Zero To App.

Each of the 3 components of an App idea plays a massive role in the direction and the strategy which you are going to pick to build and publish your App and it crucial to have all 3 defined exactly.

Let’s go through an example:

Let’s imagine that we have an App idea…

The idea is to build an App to “Stop a Baby From Crying”.

As you can see this idea is vague. Even if you have a clear vision of the idea itself it lacks the deep understanding that you need to go forward with your idea.

Let’s define it using the 3 components we discussed above:

– Solution/Value = Stop a baby From Crying

– Perfect User = Parents who have a newborn baby

– Mechanism = Playing white noise (It seems that playing white noise stops babies from crying)

Now that we have defined each step, we can see that the path is way more clear and we can see how the App is going to function, look or even be used.

Most importantly since we are clear that our perfect users are parents then we are going to have a much easier job designing, building and promoting the App. (This will make more sense in the next steps but for now, just bear with me)

Exercise: Your turn to define your App idea

Now, I want you to grab a pen and a piece of paper and start defining your App idea. If you have multiple App ideas then try to define all of them in the 3 main components. This is a very important part of the process and doesn’t move on to the next step before completing this step!

Here are 3 questions you can answer to define your App ideas:

1. What problem my App is going to solve exactly?

2. Who is the exact person which’s going to use my App?

3. How do I deliver the solution to my perfect user exactly?

By answering the questions above you can define your App idea.

Pro Tip: The more you think about your App ideas, the better you can answer these questions. Try to find the best answer and go deeper. It’s important to get these answers right as a better defined App can massively improve your results.

Step 2: Market Research

Same as step one this step is also very critical to your success. This step is also ignored by 95% of App owners out there. Although that those who miss this step often fail, taking this step properly is one of the biggest advantages you can have to beat your competition and dominate the market for your App.

Before getting into the technicality of the market research let’s define it first…

In my book Zero To App (I wrote this book to help you build profitable App so pick up your copy ASAP if you haven’t already) I define market research as follows:

“The process of evaluating supply and demand while identifying the perfect user's exact needs is called market research”

As you can see the goal of market research is the following:

– Evaluate supply: This is your potential competition

– Evaluate demand: This is the market size

– Identify perfect user’s needs: These are things you should include in your App (Features, copy, benefits, etc)

As you can see similar to defining your App idea, doing market research also has 3 main components.

Our goal by market research is to make sure that there’s enough demand for our idea and the competition is easy to beat. Also, we want to make sure that we are including the exact features which the users demand and want in our App. Just doing these 3 things puts you ahead of 95% of the Apps out there.

Doing things like defining your App idea and market research is how you beat the competition and dominate the market for yourself!

Now let’s talk about the process of market research and how do you actually go about doing it…

Well, the process is very simple and straightforward. All you need to do is to spy on your competition!

In fact, your potential competition is the gold mine of amazing ideas and information which’s going to help you build an insanely popular App.

This is true to a point that if I see no competition for my idea I simply won’t build the App. (I know that might sound a bit strange but in my book Zero To App, I go into details on why competition is such a vital signal to your App’s success and results)

To learn the process of market research I recommend you to read my book Zero To App or go through my guide on how to do market research for your App here.

Let’s go through an example:

Let’s say that I want to build the App which we talked about in the previous step, the one that’s going to help parents to stop their babies from crying.

The first thing I do is to make a list of all the keywords my perfect users would use to search for my App or similar Apps.

I usually write down at least 10 keywords. If you can’t think of what would be the phrase people use to find your App then simply go to Google and type in the main keyword.

For example, we can do a search for “How To Stop a Baby From Crying”

How to stop a baby from crying Google Search

As you can see Google can give us some ideas on what phrases are used along with our main keyword.

You could also scroll down to see some other common phrases used by people to search for solutions.

How to stop a baby from crying Google Search

Using Google you should have no problem filling up your 10 search phrases' list.

Next step would be to go to Google play and actually search for the phrases you have picked ad wait for the results to come up.

Here’s what comes up for me if I enter “How To Stop a Baby From Crying


The Apps you see here are going to be your competition when you launch your App.

But don’t worry, these Apps are also going to show you how you can beat them as well as what you need to do to succeed in the market you’ve picked!

Just keep reading and you’ll see why. 🙂

Next step is to pick the top related Apps. Here are the ones I found closely related to my idea:

How To Stop a Baby From Crying Android Apps on Google Play

Then I’m going to simply take my time and study each and every one of these Apps!

I’m going to look at what’s worked for them, what people liked and what they have asked for. In my post about How to Do Market Research For Your App Idea, I go deeper into this example.

My goal with every single one of these Apps is to understand what things are common between the ones that have been getting the most downloads. What are the features that the users love (Check out the reviews) and what things are lacking in this market?

Having completion is like someone has already tried your idea and is ready to give you all the information for free! It’s the best thing you can have access to when it comes to securing your App for massive growth and success!

If you read my book Zero To App you will see exactly why this is a gold mind you can tap into for free to get mind-blowing information and data to build your App.

To give you an example you can simply scroll down on one of these Apps and look at the number of downloads:

Baby stop crying and sleep SmiRing Apps on Google Play

This is just crazy!

We can see how many downloads an App that has similar targeting to ours has generated which’s a clear indication of the demand existing for this type of App.

Now I know that this won’t tell you everything but after you look at 5-10 Apps then you can have a clear idea on the potential of the market and how big your App can grow!

Of course, there’s much more to this step fo the process than what I just explained here, but this should give you an idea on how important this step is and why you need to pay extra attention to it.

Go through every single related App and study them in details. Look at everything you can find and learn… App Icon, Screenshots, Description, reviews, etc.

The last thing we want to do is to take an action that has no data to back it! in fact, why do you think most people fail in the world of business?

They fail, it's because they didn’t act based on solid data…

and they also fail because they thought that they are smarter than the market.

Don’t make that mistake!

I’ve seen companies waste $1,000,000s because of it. What I showed you above is the secret strategy that’s going to bring you the results you want from your App, just take action on it and implement it, you will get results!

In the next part of this training, we are going to design our App and then build it without any technical skills.

Read the next part to discover the secret and effective methods my clients and I been using to build Apps in a very short time without dealing with any technical stuff.

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