Ultimate Guide To Build an App Without Programming (2019) – Part 3

This is the part 3 of my 3 part series on how to build an App without programming. In this section, you will learn all about how to launch your App to the world and optimise it for more users, engagement and revenue.

If you a haven’t read the first two parts I highly recommend to read them here:

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Part 2 – How To Design Your App and Turn It Into a Real App Without Programming

As we discussed in the first part of this guide there are 6 major steps which you need to go through to launch your App:

– Step 1: Define Your App Idea

– Step 2: Market Research 

– Step 3: App Design Formula

– Step 4: From Design To Real App

– Step 5: World Launch

– Step 6: Feedback Loop + Monetise

In this part of the guide, we are going to cover the last two steps which are World Launch and Feedback Loop!

This part is all about making your App available to the work to use as well as optimising it to get the results you want from it.

These steps are vital to get right, as I’ve seen many great Apps fail simply because they did a below average job when it comes to what I’m about to show you here.

Top Secret: If you get this part of the process right your App will get results even if your App is not the best App out there! This doesn’t mean that you should create a crappy App but it simply means that these steps require way more attention than what you might think.

The reason why most Apps won’t make it is that they ignore their App launch, store listing and optimisation steps.

So let’s get started and go through how exactly you make your creation available to the world to use. Also, I’m going to reveal some secrets used by some of the top Apps to boost users, engagement and revenue after the App is live on the App Store, Google plays or any other market out there.

Step 5: World Launch

After you’ve built your App using what we discussed in the second part of this guide then it’s time to make your App available to the world to use!

When you reach this step then you have created an App that eventually becomes a valuable asset which you can keep and profit from or sell for a very good amount of money to the right buyer.

To make your App available to the world there are few simple but very important steps which you need to complete as follows:

– Testing Your App

– Creating a Developer Account

– Preparing Your Launch Assets 

– Uploading The Launch Assets

– Submitting Your App

Let’s go through each step in more details so you can get an idea on what things we need to complete for the entire world to be able to access and use our creation!

Testing Your App

It’s crazy how many times I’ve seen people ignore fully testing their App before making it available to the world to download and use which results in a flood of bad reviews, low engagement numbers and eventually the failure of your App.

Testing your App might take some time but here are some ideas you can use to test your App:

1. Use your App for 1 week before moving forward with the launch

It’s important to become a dedicated user of your own App and uses every feature of it constantly to spot any bugs and issues that might come up.

2. Ask friends and family to test your App

There are so many different ways in which you can get your friends and family to access your App before launch it. (It’s called beta testing and both Google and Apple allow you to do that)

The feedback you can gather from your beta users is golden and the more feedback you collect the more you can be sure that your App’s going to succeed in the marketplace.

3. Minimal features

I always try to release the App with a minimum number of feature possible as the more features you include the chance of a major issue will increase exponentially.

Creating a Developer Account

To publish your App on Google Play or App Store you need to signup for a developer account. The cost for Google Play is a one-time payment of $20 USD and for Apple, it’s a yearly subscription of $99.

You can simply go to the following links to open your developer accounts:

Google Play Developer Console

Google Play Developer Program SIgnup Page

Apple Developer Program

App Developer Program

After you have your account then you can submit an unlimited number of Apps to each of these marketplaces.

Preparing Your Launch Assets 

Now after you have your App then it’s time to prepare your launch assets.

The launch assets are things you need to submit to Google or Apple along your App that is going to be used on your App Store page.

Some of the launch assets you need are:

– App Icon

– App Title

– App Summary

– App Screenshots 

– Description

– Etc.

App Store Page Assets

Getting your launch assets right is super critical to your App’s long-term success. It’s critical to get them right as your launch asset will make up the presence of your App on the respected stores.

The job of these assets is to convince potential users also known as visitors to download and use your App.

Poorly developed App store pages are the #1 reason why most Apps fail!

But at the same time, well presented App store pages can turn an average App into a major success.

So you need to pay extra attention to this step of the process. In my book Zero To App, I go deep into how to prepare the launch assets correctly to generate 100X more downloads, users and revenue.

Few important tips: Each store out there has it’s own preferences and requirements when it comes to the assets required. Since these requirements change all the time it’s best to check them before creating your launch assets.

Uploading The Launch Assets

After you have all your launch assets then it’s time to upload them to your developer account and get them ready to be submitted to App Store or Google Play.

Each store’s process to upload your launch assets is a bit different but it’s usually simple and straightforward. After you go through the process one time successfully then you can get a hold of it and do it over and over for other Apps you might want to build.

Google Play Upload App Assets

After you have uploaded your launch assets then it’s time to move on to the next step and submit your App for approval.

Submitting Your App

After you have all the required assets uploaded to the store then it’s time to submit your App. Now different stores out there have different policies and it’s important to learn about the submission and approval process.

For example, after you submit your App to Apple then you get the App reviewed by a human to make sure that it meets the standard which Apple has set.

Usually the approval process is straight forward and if there are any issues the person in touch will ask you to make changes and resubmit your App.

Recently the approval process time is reduced to a few hours so it shouldn’t take long for your App to get approved.

Step 6: Feedback Loop + Monetise

we are at the last step of the process of building your App!

This part is mostly ignored in all training and programming courses which are about mobile Apps. I think the reason is that most people who teach App development don’t have a successful App because they just don’t know about this step!

I personally think getting your App on the store for the world to use is 40% of the entire process and 60% is going to be about what we will discuss in this step.

After you publish your App, you are going to start getting some data and results. It can take up to 8 to 10 weeks to have reliable data. (I usually consider the data collected from 300 users reliable enough)

When you have the feedback and data then it’s time to 10X your App!

App Data Example

The only way to grow your App and take it to the level you want is to consistently optimise it and improve it based on the data you collect from your users.

It’s impossible to grow an App without direct feedback collected by looking at the existing user’s flow and behaviour. Simply because we are in the business of creating value for people though Apps and the only we can measure the effectiveness of the value created is to look at how users engage and behave in our App.

After you have solid data on how well your App is received by the users then it’s time to implement ways to make money and monetise your App!


The reason I wanted to talk about monetisation and making money with your App at the very last part of this guide is to keep your focus on creating value for the users…

If you have users engaging with your App and using it on regular basis then making money with your App will be the easiest thing in the world!

App Monetisation Example

Some Monetisation Examples By a Game App

There are many strategies which I go through in my book Zero To App which you can implement in your App to generate a growing and reliable income source with your App.

You can generate revenue by implementing strategies like:

– Ad Network

– In-App Purchase

– E-Commerce-

– Affiliate Offers

– etc.

But as I said the most important part to get right is to add value and have happy users, and if you follow what we talked about in the first part of this guide then you are gonna have no issue accomplishing that.

If you are serious about building your own profitable and growing mobile Application then you can generate massive results and get your App to succeed but if you are not sure and just want to get something in exchange of no work then mobile Apps are not going to work for you. I can promise you that if you put in the efforts you can get 100X back in results but that requires you to be dedicated and be serious of getting to where you want to be with your App.

I hope this guide gave you an insight into the process of making successful Apps that can grow big and thanks for reading. 🙂

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